Third (final) year of the "Diplôme d'Ingénieur" (i.e. 2nd year of the MSc. in Engineering programme)

Advanced specialisation courses

The third year of the Master of Engineering programme is dedicated to advanced specialisation courses focused on industrial applications. In this way, in addition to the general engineering training, the students will acquire an engineering profile targeted at a particular economic sector or field of know-how, in which they will generally begin their career.

Students are required to choose an option from among roughly 15 which are offered. Every option is composed of 4 modules, each of them comprising 84 hours of scientific course work. In most of the options, the students are given a range of choices from among the modules proposed, depending on the particular emphasis they wish to give to their envisaged engineering career.

A study trip is often organised, as a way of obtaining a concrete picture of the relevant profession.

Economics, Humanities, Foreign Languages

Students continue to take economics, management, law and foreign languages throughout the first semester. They also benefit from specific training on job search and interview techniques.

ATHENS programme - European Week

All students in the second year of Master of Engineering participate in the ATHENS programme, or "European Week". This programme allows students to take an intensive course inside or outside of their field at ENSTA, at another ParisTech institute, or at a partner university in another European country.

Final Project - Corporate Internship

The Master of Engineering programme ends with a final project ("PFE") which takes place during the entire second semester. It usually takes the form of a corporate internship as a junior engineer in a company, in France or abroad. It may also take the form of an advanced laboratory project in a research institute.