Organisation of training

The training programme lasts 13 months:

  • September to February: 6 months of classes, lectures, company visits (~730 hours)
  • March: one month of study on a personal project
  • April to September: 6 months business internship validated by writing of a professional thesis defended before a jury.

Specialist Mastère modules:

Advanced Master in Maritime Engineering (Back to the list)

Sustained by the constant development of maritime transport and undersea operations, the maritime engineering world is characterised by the creation of high-tech products. With its subsystems and interfaces, a fixed or mobile maritime structure such as a liner, frigate, aircraft-carrier, submarine, platform or yacht is a prime example of a complex technical system. Conceived in close collaboration with players in the French maritime industry, the one-year ENSTA ParisTech Advanced Master in Maritime Engineering offers operational knowledge of naval and offshore construction and offshore resources engineering.

Module nameProfessor in charge
Structure modelling for maritime engineeringCyril TOUZE
Project management in maritime engineeringMarica PELANTI
Maritime Law and economicsRichard LE GOFF
ou Hydrodynamics for Maritime EngineeringMarica PELANTI
Hydrodynamics for Maritime EngineeringMarica PELANTI
ou Energy and safety for naval systemsThomas LOISELEUX
Offshore energy resourcesOlivier DOARE
Complements for MS-GMMarica PELANTI