2nd year of the "Diplôme d'Ingénieur" (1st year of the MSc. in Engineering programme)

Core curriculum and scientific majors

The second year of the "Diplôme d'Ingénieur" curriculum (i.e. the first year of the MSc. in Engineering) starts with two and a half months of core science courses in Applied and Computational Mathematics, Mechanics, Computer Programming and Information Technology. Some of these courses are designed to allow students who have not spent their last undergraduate year at ENSTA ParisTech to master the working tools which will be needed further on.

Starting September, students start to specialize by taking one of three majors according to their centres of interest and professional projects:

  • Communications and Information Systems
  • Simulation and Engineering Mathematics
  • Mechanical and Chemical Engineering

To allow a more targeted approach to certain specialities, variants are proposed within the different tracks (e.g. the “Mechanical and Chemical Engineering” has 3 variants: Solid Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics and Environment).

Education through research

In the second semester, students choose from among several elective modules. Focusing on subjects which belong to current research developments, these courses provide knowledge which is then applied during the Research Project.

The Research Project is a research internship which lasts between two and four months as from early May. Students work individually on current projects within ENSTA ParisTech's own laboratories or partner research teams in France or abroad.

Economics, Humanities, Foreign Languages

In addition to their science courses, students take courses in law, economics, management, culture, communications and foreign languages. These courses continue throughout the year, except for the last two months which are devoted to the Research Project.

ATHENS programme - European Week

All students in the second year of Master of Engineering participate in the ATHENS programme, or "European Week". This programme allows students to take an intensive course inside or outside of their field at ENSTA ParisTech, at another ParisTech institute, or at a partner university in another European country.